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Our customer service is now also available via WhatsApp. We have recognized that a majority of our clients use their smartphones to visit our websites. We have made it easier for them to get in contact with us by introducing WhatsApp. No need any longer to fill in contact forms or write emails.

Customer Service via WhatsApp

Just one click on our WhatsApp number and you can get into contact with us. If you have a question regarding pricing, during taking of your samples or need advice, we are now even faster giving you all the information you need.

Or maybe you would like to send us something you forgot? Now it is even easier to send it using WhatsApp. We are pleased to see that a growing number of our customers make use of the new means to contact us.

Data Security and usage of WhatsApp

Up to now WhatsApp had a reputation of being an insecure way of data transmission. But beginning of April 2016 the company released a statement about the new end-to-end encryption technology which closed all the security holes and enables only sender and receiver to see the message.

You can reach our Customer Service Team from Monday to Friday from 8-17

Phone: 08092 82 89 260

WhatsApp: 0151 - 56 42 56 56

Here you can find more information on WhatsApp security standards(in German):