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DNA Test for family reunification

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Sampling organisation abroad: 249  (VAT incl)
Organisation of witnessed taking of samples abroad, incl. shipment and customs clearing of test kit.

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Family reunification and subsequent immigration of children

We regularly perform DNA relationships analyses in order to proof a biological relationship between residents in Germany and their non-German relatives. The reports we issue are legally admissible and may be used as proof of relationship. If a biological relationship between the immigration applicant and their relatives cannot be proven by the required official documents, DNA testing can be a way to confirm a relationship. Our report will show if the test participants are biologically related and if, in which way.

We help with the sampling organisation abroad

In order to conduct a DNA test we need a mouth swab from each participant. The sampling needs to be officially witnessed which can be difficult abroad. You like us to organize the witnessed sampling for you? This is our service:

  • contacting the German Embassy in the respective country
  • establish the contact with a public medical officer who will conduct the sampling
  • organising the packing and shipment of the test kit into the country of destination and the return of the samples incl customs formalities

Your benefits

Highest Quality:

  • our lab is one of Germany's leading forensic labs for DNA analyses
  • we provide you with an extended, legally admissible DNA Report incl. a table showing the DNA profiles of all participants


  • paternity probability is calculated individually for each case by our scientists
  • our DNA reports are double-checked independently by two of our scientists (four-eye-principle)

Germany is a country of immigration.

In Germany the Foreigners' Registration Office will grant residence permits. Especially when confronted with family-based immigration petitions the Foreigners' Registration Office may suggest a DNA test in order to clarify the applicant's rights.
An applicant may take into consideration that there is no obligation to perform a DNA test. Yet, it may help to quicken the processing of your application.