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Paternity test for the court or a youth welfare office

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Legal DNA Test

A paternity DNA report to be used during a trial can be ordered by a judge or directly by you. The paternity test and the resulting DNA report need be in accordance with the German Genetic Diagnostics Act (Gendiagnostikgesetz).

Therefore the "chain of custody" procedures need to be followed:

  • a third party witness conducts the sampling
  • proof of identification of the participants at the collection: verifying IDs, coping ID documents, taking photos
  • completing paperwork
  • obtaining consent for minor participants from persons with parental care
  • sample collection
  • proper labelling of samples, packaging and shipment

The purpose of this procedure is to show that the samples have not been tamplered with and to establish a legal status of the evidence. In addition, the mentioned "third-party" witness has to be either from our laboratory or, if you cannot come here for the sampling, a youthwelfare employee or a doctor of any field.

The DNA repoort which we will write after our analyses includes a DNA profile which is usable at court. If the judge will accept our report is solely up to him/ her. You should beforehand discuss this with the judge.