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How to do a paternity test

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A paternity test is done quickly and easily. And it can be cheap while also being reliable. Still, the legal requirements must be followed. This is how you do a paternity test:

  1. order your free test kit
  2. do a witnessed sampling for all participants
  3. send samples and completed forms back
  4. pay your DNA analysis
  5. receive your results by postal mail

follow these 5 easy steps to get your DNA test result really quick

Get the consents from all participants and chose your person of trust

In Germany the genetic testing is regulated by the Gene Diagnostics Law (GenDG). This law require every person who wants to do a paternity test to do a witnessed sampling to prevent fraud. All test participants chose a person of trust who is present during the sampling and who afterwards posts the envelope with all documentation. This person of trust can be your GP, a midwife or a notary. Please also read:  witnessed sampling

Thus, the legislature wants to prevent fraud, the swapping of samples or even the conduction of secret tests. For you as our customer this means your test results are 100% reliable.

After having paid for the test all you have left to do is wait for your results. Within 4 working days we will send your DNA report by postal mail. We can deliver it over night, if you need to have it really fast.

Analysis of your DNA samples in our lab

We have the biggest private laboratory in Germany. For you as our customers that means we will carry out your analysis ourselves and will not transfer your DNA samples to a third-party-lab. This also minimizes the risk of a mix up when samples are being transferred. So we are your 1-stop-shop for all the services you pay for.

Evaluation of your analysis' results

As soon as the lab has analysed your samples one of our DNA scientist carries out the data evaluation. This comprises a complex biostatistical calculation and results in your personla DNA report. A second scientist will subsequently also conduct such a calculation to control the results and to ensure the correctness of your DNA report.