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DNA Testing Fee Schedule

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Fee Schedule

Overview of our DNA analyses and prices. Please click on one of these services to read more details. For each of these analyses we will send reports with legally admissable results.

Please check out the overview of our payment options

  VAT incl.
Paternity Test Duo 149 €
Maternity Test Duo 149 €
add. participants for DNA tests "Duo" 70 €
Premium DNA Tests, analyses with up to 45 DNA markers
Paternity Test "Premium" alleged father + child or alleged father, child + mother 299 €
Sibling Test, up to 3 participants 489 €
Relationship Test, up to 3 participants 489 €
each add. participant for a "Premium" test 119 €
Other DNA analyses
Twin Zygosity Testing, monozygotic or dizygotic 170 €
Forensic Analyses, body fluids, trace samples 125 €
Additional Services
Witnessed taking of samples in our premises 79 €
Organisation of witnessed taking of samples abroad 249 €
Express-Service, Turn-around-time: 1 working day after 
receipt of payment & samples. Original report by postal mail
299 €
DNA report send by e-mail in advance 10 €


Ordering a DNA test - it's that easy

Here, your will find a simple step-by-step instruction on how to order, how to pay and how to submit your samples.

Please, order your free test set and take a few moments to read through the forms. When you decide to trust us with your DNA test, conduct a witnessed taking of samples as described in our documents and send us your samples. If you wish to read our documents in advance you can find all forms here before download.

Please pay per pre-payment. When you have sent us your samples and ordered your DNA test, please arrange for the payment. As soon as we have received your samples, the complete paperwork and your payment we will start your analysis.

On our page "payment option" you will find the different payment methods we offer.

You cannot wait for the shipment?

Please read our "how-to" create your own testset really fast