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Analysis of trace samples

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Analysis of trace samples

Costs: 125 € (VAT incl.)

Consultancy/ ordering
Please call us (0049 - 80892 8289 260) or send us an email (VaterschaftsAnalyse@eurofins.com or via our contact form) to discuss the kind of trace you can provide.

What is a trace sample?

The term "trace sample" generally refers to all objects which can be analysed for the existence of DNA. In forensics and also for relationships analyses we can use e.g. cigarette butts, pacifiers, fingernails, tooth brushes or chewing gum as trace samples.

Is it legally allowed to analyse DNA found on trace samples?

Until February, 1st, 2010, anybody could have analysed whatever trace sample was available without another persons consent. At this point, German legislation enacted a law against anonymous testing, the Genetic Diagnostics Act, GenDG. The new law forbids to use trace samples for paternity tests or relationship testing if the  person to be tested with these samples has not given his or her written consent.

How to test trace samples of a deceased person

There may be situations in which possible participants are deceased. Under certain circumstances we can analyse tissue or trace samples to obtain the deceased's DNA which will then form the basis for a paternity or relationship test.

Please consult with us on which samples may work best for the test you wish to conduct. Quite often, we receive could DNA samples from a denture, ear plugs or the electric shaver, all of which should be given to us uncleaned. Also, tissue samples from biopsies or tumour tissues, which may be obtained from the hospital or the pathology laboratory, may be of use.

Different samples, e.g. bones, may also be used for a DNA analyses. The prices to prepare the DNA from such samples depend on the samples. Please consult with us and ask for a quote.