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Body Fluids

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Pre-Test for Body Fluids

Human body fluids, such as saliva, semen, blood or urine can be detected by various tests. Explicitly, we offer a sole pre-test which will give proof of existence of a certain body fluid. This test will not show the origin of the trace. So you may confirm if or if not your trace consists of a certain body fluid but you cannot establish a perpetrator.

Costs: 125 € (VAT incl.)

Our test: Pre-test for body fluids as described within this text

Help/how to order:
Please contact us to discuss your personal questions. We can then recommend the best test. Please call +49 80892 8289 260 or use our contact form

Testing methods

Using 2 different analyses for a detection of sperm we exclude the risk of false results.

First, the piece of clothing you are sending us will be checked for the enzyme Acid Phosphatase. This enzyme can be fund in high concentration in ejaculate. Second, as a safeguard, we verify the findings with an antibody test. For this test we apply the prostrate specific antigen (PSA). PSA is a protein produced by the prostrate. It can also be found in semen.
Each trace sample (e.g. linen, pants etc) will be checked double for the existence of sperm by this way of testing.

Saliva on textiles is shown by an amylase test. Amylase as an enzyme is part of saliva. When during the test the trace on the textile reacts by turning blue it is evidence of being saliva.

Blood, Urine
We can also confirm the existence of blood or urine on textiles or objects. After consulting with our customer support you may send the according trace samples to us. If needed, we will certainly provide you with cotton swaps and appropriate envelope to absorb fluids.

Please note
The German Genetic Diagnostics Ac (Gendiagnostikgesetz, GenDG) have to be taken into consideration when human traces are being analysed. A DNA report may not be  written without the knowledge and the written consent of each test participant.

Therefore, we do not use traces to write DNA profiles. According to the law, we will merely confirm the existence or non-existence of certain body fluids, such as sperm or blood. Additional analyses may certainly be conducted but not without the written consent of the persons concerned.