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Withdrawal and Refund after expiration of right of revocation

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In Germany, all customers have the statuary right of revocation. Within 14 days you may cancel your order anytime. We will refund all payments that we received from you. Please read a more detailed info here

In addition to that we grant you an extraordinary right to wothdraw from your contract. Maybe you cannot convince all participants to partake in a witnessed sampling or the reason for this DNA test has changed. In any case you may contact us to cancel the order and withdraw from your contract

Which deadline has to be considered for a withdrawal?

  • your statuary right of revocation terminates after 14 days. We repay the money we received from you. Please read your Right of Revocatuion carefully to check for exeptions
  • after the period of 14 days we grant you an extraordinary right to withdraw from the contract. We will charge only 20 € for adminstrative effort (data & money management, test kit and such)

Does the test kit need to be returned

  • The returning of the goods is not necessary. You can throw the content of the test set into the waste