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Paternity Tests, important information

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What is a paternity test?

There are different ways to determine paternity. In the past blood groups and other serological markers were used to determine a possible paternity. Today DNA tests are used which are much more reliable. The results are shown in the reports.

Does the mother need to participate in the DNA test?

According to the Gene Diagnostic Act, the mother's sample should be included in the test, if possible. Yet for a non legal test it is sufficient to test father and child only. Yet the mother has to give written consent to testing in any case. 

Does the mother need to take part in a paternity DNA test?

A paternity test can be performed without the mother taking part but the results are not as conclusive. For this reason, GTL offer an Accuracy Guarantee for a paternity test where the mother is also involved as part of the test.

Is the result reliable?

Our results are clear, safe and reliable. If we detect contamination of a saliva sample during analysis or if there is insufficient DNA material available on the swab, we either take the second swab sample or (if that is not usuable) contact you again and ask for a new sample. We will only issue reliable results and you will never receive a "maybe" or "perhaps". Please read more here how to understand a DNA report and how it is structured.