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How a test kit and samples are best kept

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How long may I store the test kit?

The swabs for the sampling may be stored for an indefinite time.

Our test kit contains detailed sampling instructions. Besides, you will of course also find the complete forms including information about genetic testing, the consent form and the sample statement and declaration for your witnessed sampling.

We will also provide you with a pre-paid evelope for use within Germany to send back your documenations free of costs. Besides it includes the swabs and sample envelope for secure packaging. None of these items will waste if you store the test kit for a longer time.

How long may the taken samples be stored before being analysed?

If kept cool and dry, mouth swabs (saliva samples) will be usable for several months

Mouth swabs can be stored for several months if you use our paper envelopes where they can be kept dry. Do not put them into a plastic bag, they risk to mold.

Especially, when test participant live far apart it is good to know that there may well pass some time between the taking of the samples and the actual DNA analysis.