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How to create your own DNA sample collection kit

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We know sometimes ur customers just need to get a DNA test kit as quickly as possible. In such cases, you can alway check with your local pharmacy if they have our test kit on stock (they will find it with the Pharma Number 11543005). If this is not the case you can always resolve to create your own test kit. Please just follow this instructions:

This is what you need to create your test kit

  1. Submission forms / copies of IDs
  2. New/ sterile cotton swabs
  3. Unique order ID
  4. Paper envelopes
  5. pre-paid return envelope

1) Please print the submission forms that we offer for download here (PDF). Please take them with you to your appointment for a witnessed sampling. All participants and for persons under age, everybody having custody, need to sign the consent. Also, please add copies of IDs with clear photo.

2) Sterile cotton swaps you may purchase in the pharmacy when you conduct your witnessed sampling. In case you sampler is your GP you may be able to use their swabs. You will need 2 swabs per participant.

3) Your unique order ID will be given to on the phone. Please call: +49 8092 8289 260

4) New paper envelopes are required to place the cotton swabs in after samples have been collected (one envelope for each participant). Please prepare the envelopes for each participant with the following details written on the outside:

  • Date of sampling
  • Your order ID
  • First name, last name, date of birth
  • your role: putative father/ mother/ child or different role
  • gender: male/ female Ethnic group: european/ african/ asian or different

5) One larger return envelope is required to pack up and ship everything back to us: samples, ID copies and signed submission forms. Please send it to

Eurofins Forensik GmbH
Anzinger Str. 7a
D - 85560 Ebersberg

Instructions for your witnessed sampling

For your appointment for a witnessed sampling, please take all above mentioned items with you. You and your sampler will then fill in the forms. We have prepared a detailed description for witnessed sampling in our flyer for you to check and maybe print out. Here we explain how your mouth swabs will be taken and packed.

Congratulations - your are done: please just pack all sample envelopes, ID copies and the signed submission form in your return envelope and be sure that not you but your sampler will send it to us. As soon as we receive your samples and you have paid for your analysis we will start testing. We do that without further delay when you please pay as soon as possible. You can note your credit card details on the submission form or use paypal.